Data Management Group conducts EBS Data Collection Tool Training for research technicians

Providing capacity development for the research technicians from the Rice Breeding Innovations (RBI) and Integrative Research Support (IRS) platforms, the RBI’s Data Management (DM) Group, led by May Ann Sallan, conducts the Enterprise Breeding System (EBS) Data Collection Training on 15-16 September 2022 at IKS Network Commons, IRRI Headquarter.

Forty-three research technicians participated in the EBS Data Collection Tool training, which aims to capture phenotypic data. The participants also had hands-on experience using and navigating the Field Book mobile application while considering the timely uploading of collected data.

Maria Consuelo Parducho, Information Systems Specialist, discussed the standard operating procedures in the data collection tool, the advantages of using the Field Book app, and the required app settings. Michael Reyes, Information Systems Specialist, demonstrated the steps in importing, collecting, and exporting data using the app.

Field Book is a mobile application that allows users to efficiently collect phenotypic data from the experiments. This replaces the pen and paper-based method as it directly encodes data instead of manually transferring them to the computer. The collected data from the Field Book app should then be uploaded and managed in the EBS Data Collection tool.

The RBI DM Group would closely monitor the compliance of the participants and their supervisors with the data collection procedures and the use of the Field Book app. The group upholds the IRRI policies around the standardization, capture, storage, and curation of data in centralized and accessible databases using the EBS and conducts capacity-building workshops and information sessions for customers and partners.

RBI DM group has conducted ten training sessions to date. The next and last training for this year will be in November for the new research joiners who will also be new to using the EBS platform.

In 2023, the group plans to continue regular capacity-building activities among RBI and IRS staff to provide updates and support to EBS users.

Participants of the EBS Data Collection Tool Training while navigating the Field Book app

Participants of the EBS Data Collection Training on 15 September at IKS Network Commons

Participants of the EBS Data Collection Training on 16 September at IKS Network Commons