Research Support group concludes Strategy Formulation and Risk Management Workshop

Engr. Princess Dela Cruz, Product Development and Varietal Replacement-Breeding Operations Manager, facilitated a Strategy Formulation and Risk Management workshop at IRRI HQ last March 7, 2023. The workshop was attended by PDVR-BOU (ZES/CCO/ISL) Research Managers and Supervisors. Joie Ramos, RBI Risk Management Lead, also attended the workshop and briefly discussed the risks identified for the BO Unit during the RBI risk management workshop.

The workshop aimed to revisit the process of Strategic Management that Engr. Dela Cruz had initiated last year. She emphasized the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of current strategies in addressing major threats, minimizing weaknesses, and taking advantage of opportunities and strengths that impact their capability to achieve BOU’s vision and mission. A template was developed to guide BOU service units through the process of identifying priority areas and developing new strategies to help the Breeding Operations achieve its vision of providing excellent research support at optimal cost across the global IRRI research network. This ensures that all action plans are aligned to the BOU organizational goals.

Rhulyx Mendoza, CCO Research Manager, began the session by presenting the CCO's Strategy Formulation, developed last year. In the workshop, Engr. Dela Cruz and Lily Molina, Research Manager of IRRI Service Laboratories, provided guidance on how the CCO team can complete their strategies.

Sharing RBI’s learning from their own workshop, Ramos explained that the Risk Management team selects critical risks from the risks identified by the cluster or unit.  The RM team summarized all of the risks identified across the RBI cluster for subsequent presentation to the RBI Platform Leader and Cluster Leader. By having these discussions with the leaders, the RM team hopes to be able to determine which risks can be addressed at the Platform level and know what key actions to take with the priority risks that have been identified. To add further learning, Molina also discussed the draft strategy formulation for 2023 of the ISL group.

Rhulyx Mendoza concluded the workshop by stating that CCO will hold a separate meeting and devote time to the completion of their group's strategy formulation. The team has decided that the final PDVR-BO Strategy Formulation will be submitted by the end of April 2023.