Researchers and technicians complete Data Collection training

RBI research technicians and researchers with the Data Management team during the second day of the refresher training on the Data Collection tool.

To prepare researchers and technicians for data collection in the field, the RBI Data Management (DM) team initiated a refresher training on the EBS Data Collection tool and the Field Book mobile application last 8-9 March 2023 at the IKS Network Commons. The training aimed to provide the researchers and technicians with a review of the data collection process done in the EBS.

The training was divided into two batches per day. A total of 23 participants were taught about the standard operating procedures for data collection and the advantages of using the Field Book app. The DM Team’s Junior Specialist on Learning Course, Rica Mariano, discussed the steps in importing data collection files to the app, collecting data using it, and uploading them to EBS.

Members of the Data Management Team assist a researcher in navigating the Field Book mobile application.

After the discussions, Michael Reyes, Information Systems Specialist of the DM Team,  demonstrated the specific steps in using the Data Collection tool and the Field Book app and assisted the participants in exploring the app. Then, an activity on data collection using the app was done with the participants.

RBI research technicians explore the Field Book app during the demonstration.

The DM Team has made plans to conduct more training for EBS users in IRRI HQ and in country offices. Another refresher training on the Harvest Manager tool will be held on 28-29 March 2023. A training series is also planned for users in IRRI South Asia and IRRI Africa. Adoption training for CGIAR-affiliated institutions is also on the way for this year.