SHU completes 2023 Annual Management Review

The Seed Health and Logistics Unit held its 2023 Annual Management Review (AMR) last Feb 1, 2023 at IRRI. The annual meeting reviews the performance of the QMS and the fitness to purpose and sets goals and objectives for 2023.

The specific objectives of the review include 2023 goals and objective setting, identification of areas for improvement or any need for change, provision of required resources and, target implementation dates.

The review is part of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) compliance project initiated by Lilia Molina, Research Manager of IRRI Service Laboratories (ISL) and assisted by Enrico Francisco Mercado (IRRI) Senior Specialist of Risk Management (RM) in the development, implementation, and monitoring of the QMS in SHU, Cross Cutting Operations, and Zeigler Experiment Station.

Platform Leader Rice Breeding Innovations (RBI) Hans Bhardwaj, officially welcomed SHU as a research unit of the RBI platform and stressed the importance and impact of its services to the platform's research. He also highlighted the importance of establishing the unit’s goals and objectives collectively and appraised the high standards of the SHU’s strategic direction and management.

The event was attended by the SHU team and led by their senior research manager, Martina Castellion. Team members were also acknowledged for their accomplishments and contributions in delivering the goals and objectives of 2022 with flying colors.