ZES conducts Training Course on Safe Operation and Proper Maintenance of Farm Machinery

The Zeigler Experiment Station (ZES) conducted its annual Refresher Training Course on Safe Operation & Maintenance of Farm Machinery for 2 half-days on May 16-17. This training course aimed to equip ZES operators and mechanics with the proper understanding of safety in operation and regular maintenance of farm machineries (e.g., tractors, implements,  combine harvesters, etc) was attended by thirteen (13) ZES staff . Mr. Caling Balingbing of the Postharvest and Mechanization team under the Sustainable Impact for Rice-based Systems Platform served as resource person.

On Day 1 of the training course, Mr. Balingbing discussed how to properly check the equipment before operation. He used the acronym, WOGAM, to remind operators the essential things to inspect (W-water, O-oil, G-grease, A-air, and M-miscellaneous). He also went through the various parts of tractors, especially those that are used for safe starting, actual operation, and safe stopping, including the proper hitching of implements. Mr. Balingbing also explained the different types or patterns for wet and dry land preparation.

The second day   was devoted to practical exercises in driving and conducting proper maintenance of the tractor. For this, a track was set up at the back of MSS Hall. Each participant was asked to properly hitch an implement at the back of a tractor, then drive through a narrow track forward and in reverse before properly unhitching the implement.

During the hands-on exercises, experienced ZES mechanics also shared their knowledge and skills on proper handling and upkeep of the farm equipment. Aside from the ZES staff, 2 OJTs from Laguna University also participated in the training course as observers.